Now 19-years-old, Thomas was a child prodigy who first sat at a piano aged 7 and immediately began playing all sorts of recognisable tunes with both hands. He then started composing his own songs and, within a month, made his first public performance and was nominated for the national Talented Youngster of The Year Award. He went on to win the top prize at the Music for Youth Awards.

He has gained the attention and support of music industry figures and artists alike including Nicolas Chisholm (Director of Music at The Yehudi Menuhin Music School), James Wilford (Director of Music at Yamaha Music School) and Jamie Cullum, who said: “Shane should be teaching me, not the other way around!”

Thomas has since released two tracks with Decca Records – Chasing Pawprints and The Ruins, which went to No.2 in the classical iTunes chart, beaten only by Perfect Symphony by Ed Sheeran with Andrea Bocelli.

On signing Thomas to Bucks Music Group, MD Simon Platz said: “We are beyond thrilled to be working with Shane. He is an extraordinary talent and we are honoured to be a part of what will be an extraordinary career in music. His compositions and talent belie his age and it is breath-taking to consider what he will go on to achieve.”

Head of Sync Jonathan Tester, said: “Meeting Shane and sitting with him whilst we listened to his music was a truly emotional experience. Listening to his timeless melodies, prodigious piano playing and scores, which have a real depth of intelligence and meaning, and considering Shane has only just turned 19 is something I will never forget. I was moved by the sense that I was in the presence of a phenomenal talent destined for a stratospheric career, and someone who will compose music that will be remembered and loved for generations.”

Thomas’ manager Rick Blaskey said: “I first heard and saw Shane when, aged 9, he was being heralded as ‘mini Mozart’. Now, ten years later, he could now more accurately be grouped with the likes of Einaudi and Hans Zimmer. What is extraordinary about Shane is that, as well as composing melodies that have such immediate ear-worms, he does so by evoking such strong emotional links and themes.

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