“The word ‘incredible’ is overused but good grief, The Ayoub Sisters are exactly that..look out for them!”

 Classic FM




The Scottish-Egyptian multi-instrumentalist sisters Sarah and Laura Ayoub recently thrilled the Royal Albert Hall making their debut at Classic FM Live 2016 as winners of Global Media’s Big Music Project “The Ayoub Sisters were deserved winners with their fantastic chemistry and flare….” Big Music Project

The Ayoub Sisters were chosen from 10,000 online performers by uber-music producer and artist Mark Ronson to feature in a special presentation at the 2016 BRIT Awards. The Ayoub Sisters’ classical take on Ronson’s Number 1 single Uptown Funk was personally selected by Ronson and was part of a brand new version of the song, shown at the awards. “It was brilliant to bring together unique talents and produce a new cover of Uptown Funk. It’s an honour that such talented people are interested in my music…we created something special.”

Mark Ronson

“The Uptown Funk cover resulted in an understated funky instrumental with strings courtesy of The Ayoub Sisters…with this kind of exposure, surely these are stars in the making” – The Independent

The Ayoub Sisters who have performed all over the world also recently raised £10,000 for a Children’s Cancer Hospital in Cairo, with a sell-out show.