International Superstar Violin Virtuoso 


“David Garrett is the stuff of legend – in him is enshrined an entire corpus of virtuoso violin art, expounded with a fearsome beauty beyond comprehension.” BBC


As the revered conductor, Zubin Mehta, once said, “David Garrett is surely going to have a resounding presence on the music world of the 21st century.” A virtuoso and maverick, David Garrett is trail-blazing a unique career as both a classical and crossover performer.


His relaxed brilliance and eclectic style has breathed new life into the classical musical market, drawing in an exceptionally broad fan base from the sophisticated black-tie concert hall audience to the head-banging, hip-swaying stadium-going youth. David Garrett has sold millions of concert tickets, CD’s DVD’s, topping pop and classical charts all over the world.


David’s model good looks, his role as an ambassador for the classical music genre and his unique ability to reach and touch audiences across every demographic, have seen him chosen by a range of both high-end and high street brands to front their campaigns – from AUDI cars to Thomas Sabo jewellery, Banana Republic clothing and Sony Hi-fi.